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Finniss River Farm extra virgin olive oil

100% natural product, grown chemical free and without irrigation, harvested and cold pressed same day.

Our small 20 year old grove of classic Tuscan varieties, Frantoia, Leccino and Pendolino, thrives in the temperate climate of the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.

Extra virgin olive oil is a distinctive tasting oil with a completely different chemical composition to other vegetable oils. EVOO is high in healthy fatty acids (oleic acid) and anti-oxidants (primarily oleocanthal), nutrients that have powerful health benefits. There is evidence that eating plenty of extra virgin olive oil reduces the risk of various inflammatory diseases, especially heart disease.

The 2017 season’s oil won bronze medals in both the Adelaide Royal Show and the Fleurieu Food Awards. This was our first year of exhibiting our oil.

Peppercorn Pastures Angus X Wagyu beef


Peppercorn Pastures Angus and Angus X Wagyu cows forage on natural grasslands on the farm where they were born. Their offspring produce better-tasting beef packed with protein, iron and vitamins. Red meat has equal amounts of saturated and mono-unsaturated fat.

We use low stress stock handling techniques. We do not use chemicals in animal or pasture management because we do not need to.

“Look after the land and it will look after you” my great-grandfather said. We practice sustainable land management aiming to improve carbon sequestration, biodiversity and soil water retention.

Peppercorn Pastures pork


Happy pigs taste great! Berkshire heritage pork is sweet and succulent with fine marbling. Peppercorn Pastures’ Berkshire pigs are always on the move so that they forage naturally on grass in addition to their hormone-free diet of milled grain and fresh vegetables, served with just a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Farm stay – Coming Soon!


Come visit us! Whether your preference is a stroll through the olive grove or a 3 kilometre hike through a wild gorge of the Finniss River, we’d love to see you. Spend time with the kangaroos, spot some thirty bird species including the eagles, yellow tailed black cockatoos, galahs, cockatoos, willy wagtails, blue wrens and finches. Meet the farm animals. Get to know your farmer so that you can have confidence in our farming practices and produce.

Glamp in our 50’s retro caravan atop the olive grove and see clear to Lake Alexandrina and the mouth of the Finniss River.


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